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Welcome To Here***

To the right is proof positive that I haven't always had a computer glued to my face. At least not before 1980 ;-)

Now it's all an endless parade of websites, programs, movie scripts, writing books, sculpture, painting, making jewelry, video game creation, a few physics papers, and a bit of teaching.

All in all, it's been fun being me -- at least it's the next best thing.

  • Webdesign
    Website design, support and customization -- I do that. And, putting false modesty aside, I do it well. Check out Galaxy Website Design for samples of my web work. If you need anything in the way of website design, support or customization get in touch. We can either do it for you, or act as an advocate as you make your way through the process. It's always nice to have someone in your corner that is knowledgeable and on your side.
  • Stone Sculpture
    I love making sculpture of all variety -- stone carvings, wood carvings, assemblage, found art, wire sculpture, bronze castings, styrofoam, ..., just about anything I can form into a three-dimensional object. Look here for sampling of my stone work.
  • Jewelry
    While it is true that I've put my hand to bone carving and other more exotic forms of jewelry making, most of my recent work has been in silver. Look here for some samples.
  • Dorje
    These are sculptures and tools both. Carved under alchemical standards, these dorje are as effective as they are beautiful. Each dorje has its own unique function.